The Amazing Majesto

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Do you believe in magic?  That’s the question in this haunting and heady drama which comes to pass in a mysterious void — the place where people go when they’ve been part of The Amazing Majesto’s acutely authentic disappearing act.  Majesto seems to have stumbled onto some real magic, sending his assistant, as well as a young boy, a prisoner, a socialite, a rodeo clown, and most recently, newlywed Sarah, to a strange place from which they cannot return.  As those who’ve been there longer explain to Sarah of Majesto’s story and their years in this limbo, the hopeful bride becomes crushed by the realization she may never see her new groom again.  Yet those who knew Majesto best continue to believe in his magic and hold onto the hope that the conjurer will find the magic to save them all.  Will Majesto live up to his amazing namesake?  Find out in this strong character study which examines the fine line between hope and hopelessness.

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Production History

2018-2019 Season: